IV-a NVivo: Qualitative Data Analysis Software for Development Program Monitoring and Evaluation

This computer lab-based workshop will give participants the ability to apply NVivo software in development evaluation contexts. In general, the course will provide participants with a familiarity with the possibilities of Computer-Assisted/Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) in general and NVivo in particular. It will also provide an ability to navigate through a development NVivo project and to create and organize an NVivo project. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to modify, organize, and interpret data and be able to manage a multi-analyst project. For educational and logistical reasons, the exercises will be done with a provided database. However, participants can bring their own qualitative databases to work in parallel (such as transcripts of interviews or focus group, evaluation reports, observation notes, survey data sheets with at least one open-ended question, etc.). Each day, a consultation period will allow the participant to ask questions about the utilization of their database to create their own optimal NVivo project.

Detailed Outline

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