III-e Managing an Evaluation Unit

This highly participatory workshop is aimed at evaluation decision makers - those who are setting up a new evaluation unit, those who are new to managing evaluation units or those who are struggling with it all. The instructor will tailor the workshop to the specific needs of participants and will cover how to structure, staff, and position evaluation units within organisations; the main considerations for planning and budgeting evaluation units; and how to involve and deal with senior managers and governance structures (executives, boards, committees and politicians). It will also give hands-on advice on managing evaluation contracts and evaluators, creating good products, embedding evaluation processes into management cycles and decision-making and, most importantly, ensuring maximum learning and utilization of evaluation findings towards improving quality and impact of programs. The workshop will include presentations, interactive discussions and small group exercises. A highlight of the workshop will be the panel session with experienced directors of development evaluation offices/NGO evaluation units who will share their knowledge and insights on some of the key issues. While the workshop will be tailored to meet the needs of the participants, it will not go into issues such as personnel management, team building or designing evaluations.

Detailed Outline

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