III-c Principles-Focused Evaluation

Principles-focused evaluation treats principles as the intervention and unit of analysis and designs an evaluation to assess both adherence to and consequences of principles. It is a specific approach to development evaluation for principles-based initiatives in complex dynamic systems. This workshop will be the worldwide premier of principles-focused evaluation training based on Patton’s new book Principles-Focused Evaluation: The GUIDE. Participants will receive a copy of the book. Specific examples and methods will be part of the training.

High quality principles provide guidance for action, are useful for program decision-making and harvesting outcomes, are inspirational, can be adapted to diverse contexts and situations, and can be evaluated. Principles-focused evaluation determines if a principle is meaningful to those intended to follow it; if so, if the principle is adhered to in practice; and, if so, whether it supports achievement of desired results.

Participants will learn:

• What constitutes a principle that can be evaluated

• What are the characteristics of a principles-based intervention

• How and why principles should be evaluated

• Different kinds of principles-focused evaluation

• The relationship between complexity and principles

• Methods, rubrics, and checklists for evaluating principles

• What constitutes evidence-based principles