II-e Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

This course is an introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CBA and CEA). The course will be structured as lecture-led discussions, with examples and exercises. The content of the course will be: basic ideas of CBA and CEA; importance of CBA and CEA for policymakers; cost analysis; methods for CBA; methods for CEA; sensitivity testing; and reporting results. The goals of the course are to: give participants an overview of the key elements of CBA/CEA; help participants understand and interpret findings from CBA/CEA studies; and assist participants in planning and designing a CBA/CEA. The course will include examples from developing countries and across policy disciplines, including health, education, crime, transport, and environmental sciences. A useful review book is Marvin Shaffer, Multiple Account Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Practical Guide for the Systematic Evaluation of Project and Policy Alternatives, University of Toronto Press, 2010.

Detailed Outline

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