II-d Evaluating Collective Action Movements in Africa - Emerging Trends and Approaches

This workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore collective action movements and how to evaluate them. The workshop exposes participants to techniques for adapting participatory tools of evaluation to assess the dynamic changes that are occurring in real-life collective action movements across the African continent and many areas in the developing world. Participants will have the opportunity to work through case studies of emerging collective action movements, and will be guided to apply innovative evaluation approaches and tools for constructing theories of change, as well as assessing the outcomes of these atypical movements. This workshop would be of interest to civil society leaders, activists and leaders of collective action movements and managers of NGOs seeking to develop capacity and tools for self-assessment, learning and evaluation. Government policy makers and international development agencies seeking to understand, monitor and evaluate the impact of collective action movements as well as citizen engagement in the demand for accountability will find the workshop useful. .