I-b Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis

Intended for participants with limited or no background in statistics, this workshop provides an overview of the role of quantitative data in evaluating development projects. It covers how to calculate descriptive statistics (e. g. means and standard deviations) to summarize information and how to estimate the true (population) average value of a variable, based on sample data. It also focuses on how to test whether a statistically significant difference exists between the average value of the outcome variable for development project participants and a comparison group of nonparticipants. The final day focuses on regression techniques, which can provide estimates the impact of a development project (e. g. training farmers) on the target variable (e.g. rice crop), holding constant other factors (e.g. rainfall, use of fertilizer). Throughout the workshop, statistical computer software is used to analyze actual data from development evaluations.

Detailed Outline

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