"The course was informative, engaging and interactive, liberating and exhilarating, and it provided an opportunity for developing networks and friendships, with fun galore."

Kealeboga Gaboeletswe (2015)
Chief Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
National Strategy Office, Botswana

"IPDET is one of its kind across the globe in development evaluation training. Development evaluation will never be the same for anyone who has attended an IPDET Course."

Julius Birungi (2013)
Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Head of M&E Unit
East African Community (EAC) Secretariat, Tanzania

"IPDET has so much to offer: content, connections, and camaraderie. It is an intensely stimulating and rewarding professional development experience."

Nancy Porteous (Workshop Instructor)
Former President
CES, Canada

"The training was useful at both personal and professional levels and will continue to have a valuable contribution to the institution where I am currently working."

ElZein Ali (2015)
Monitoring and Reporting Officer
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

"IPDET not only increased my knowledge regarding evaluation but enabled me to learn and appreciate experiences from different parts of the world."

Annette Kyakuwa (2015)
Ministry of Finance
Planning & Economic Development, Uganda

"IPDET was a stimulating and rewarding professional development experience for me. It had so much to offer: content, networking and camaraderie. IPDET brought so many actors with diverse and fascinating backgrounds and experiences on one platform."

Alok Vajpeyi (2011)
Director, Monitoring & Evaluation
Catholic Relief Services, India

"I am still overwhelmed with impressions after attending this amazing, consistent, intensive, useful, interesting and unforgettable IPDET course!"

Aurelia Ciornei (2013)
Deputy Project Coordinator
Swiss Water Supply and Sanitation Project "ApaSan," Moldova

"The skills and knowledge that I have acquired from IPDET makes me not only marketable but also puts me a step ahead of the rest, as IPDET is the only programme that provides Development Evaluation on an international platform."

Tebogo Lobaka (2015)
Department of Social Development
South Africa

"IPDET has: eminent trainers, well-designed training, thought provoking discussion and a trainee-centered approach that not only provides equal opportunity to all participants but also involves them in group work and individual learning processes."

Enayatur Rehman (2015)
Specialist – Monitoring & Evaluation
National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan

"The entire course was phenomenal, from theoretical inputs to workshops and roundtable presentations."

Dr. Shachi Joshi (2013)
Deputy Director, Research
Institute of Applied Manpower Research, India

"The learning I gained from IPDET has significantly improved my methodological skills in designing impact evaluation. I have gained confidence to identify suitable impact evaluation methodology and justify my choices with confidence."

Wayne A. Bacale (2012)
Manager, Design, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Habitat for Humanity International, Asia-Pacific Office, Thailand

"Participating in IPDET has enabled me to gain in-depth understanding of the key concepts in development evaluation and how to design results-based M&E systems, which is critical to improving aid effectiveness."

Barbara Serwaa Arthur (2013)
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Parliamentary Centre Africa Office, Ghana

"The month I spent in Ottawa was truly a great experience, which I believe strongly advanced my M&E knowledge and expertise. I had an amazing chance to meet and link with many colleagues from around the world."

Khalil Bitar (2013)
Co-Founder and Director
Palestinian Evaluation Association

"The programme met all of my expectations and beyond. I acquired skills and knowledge that I will utilize to make my work at SASSA more meaningful and empowering."

Pat Naicker (2013)
General Manager
South Africa Social Security Agency

"IPDET is a good mixture of lecture-type sessions, small group work, and guest speaker presentations. We were introduced to new approaches by world-class evaluation experts, who shared their huge knowledge and practice with us."

Lusine Hakobyan (2012)
M&E and Program Learning Director
Counterpart International, Armenia

"I gained tremendous skills in evaluating humanitarian work, complex organizations, facilitation, learning for impact as well as influencing and managing change both as an agent and as a change leader."

Elizabeth Nkwasire Boonabaana (2013)
Staff Training and Development Coordinator
World Vision Uganda

"The greatest, most valuable thing about IPDET is the human capital... helpful not only for myself, but also for my organization and hopefully for my country."

Artem Myroshnychenko (2012)
Head of the Qualitative Methods Department
Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Ukraine

"With the knowledge, skills and tools I have acquired through my participation in the program, I can now contribute, confidence and competence, to building a comprehensive results-based system within my organization and for the sector as a whole."

Nicola Warrinna (2013)
Senior Statistician
Ministry of Education, Co-operative Republic of Guyana

"IPDET has given me greater confidence for the performance of monitoring and evaluation tasks in areas such as writing terms of reference, developing a design matrix and implementing new sampling strategies."

Eva Arias (2013)
M&E Projects Coordinator
Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth, Argentina

"My participation in the course has been a truly life-changing experience. The wealth of knowledge and skills amassed in a period of four weeks, coupled with the extensive network of new friends and colleagues that has been built is simply incredible."

Jessie Mvula (2013)
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Ministry of Finance, Republic of Malawi

"The training workshops were very well conceived, planned and executed. Thanks to IPDET for bringing in the best facilitators on the globe to make the workshops extremely lively, informative and participatory."

Shantanu Gupta (2013)
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
UNICEF Bangladesh

"During IPDET, I gained deep knowledge and practical skills on how to build a results-based M&E system and realized how to assess the outcomes and impact of complex programs using quantitative, qualitative and mixed approaches."

Kateryna Stolyarenko (2012)
M&E Specialist
International Organization for Migration, Ukraine

"The exercise and practice of the knowledge I have gained at IPDET 2013 will go a long way in adding value to the good governance, better performance and enhanced accountability in my country."

Miandad Rahoojo (2013)
Director Audit
Department of Auditor General of Pakistan

"IPDET allowed me to go make friends from around the world and helped me discover the beauty of different cultural backgrounds. It was more than a learning environment for me, it was a life changing experience."

Nonkululeko Ngcobo (2014)
Assistant Director
Programme and Policy Evaluations: Department of Social Development, South Africa

"The workshops were excellently conducted and the IPDET program, which attracted a cross section of professionals from across disciplines as well as from different country backgrounds across the world, enabled a rich learning experience."

Innocent Fred Ejolu (2015)
Principal Policy Analyst
Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda

"A new roadmap has been drawn, as my work has shifted to another level and better results are in the making. I can properly plan, carry out an effective evaluation and make meaningful results that are evidence-based."

Ninsiima Alice (2014)
Technical Monitoring Officer
Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, Uganda

"This training has really opened my eyes and given me a totally new perspective in development evaluation. My understanding of the Theory of Change has been revamped and the session on designing a Results-Based-Management Programme was equally beneficial."

Awuor Ponge (2015)
Director of Research
Policy and Evaluation, African Policy Centre, Kenya


Excerpts From Evaluations of IPDET By Participants

Question: What did you find most useful about the program?

Participants have answered...

    “Discussion of new approaches both in classroom and small groups. The guest presentations were like icing on the cake!”

    "The range of courses, the experience of the trainers, networking and camaraderie."

    "Participants: people with diverse and fascinating backgrounds and experiences."

    "The vast wealth of knowledge gained and the opportunity to apply it within the group work setting."

    "Practical case studies, hands-on approaches, and sharing of methodological guidelines and manuals."

    "The specialized knowledge transfer was unique. Engagement with professional colleagues from around the world was stimulating."


Question: What other additional comments do you have about the program?

Participants have said...

    “Honestly the whole program was an eye opener. Logic models, design matrix, the mix of work-hard and play-hard was phenomenal.”

    “The facilitators were willing to share knowledge; go the extra mile to provide students with additional information on the respective subject matters.”

    "Sincerely, it’s a great course. It’s nicely organized and run [with a] high degree of professionalism. The diversity of participants is a great advantage."

    "It’s a lively course and I would recommend it to all program offices and managers."

    "IPDET is a very powerful and necessary forum for establishing and strengthening global networks in the area/field of development evaluation."

    "Well done—I really enjoyed the experience. The organizers and support staff people did a wonderful job."

    "For those who are evaluating the private sector—a must."

    "IPDET teaches participants how to evaluate and why to evaluate."