Speakers' Presentations 2014


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Speaker: Caroline Heider
Director General, World Bank Group

Presentation: "Evaluation: What Difference Do We Make?"
July, 2014

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Speaker: Patricia Rogers
Professor, RMIT University, and Project Director, BetterEvaluation

Presentation: "Evaluation in the Digital Age"
July, 2014

Presentation Materials

NEW THIS YEAR: French Presentation Translations (provided by the by the CDRT): This document is a translation into French of fourteen Power Point presentations given by IPDET in 2014

Presenter(s) Topic File(s)
Robert D. van den Berg Mini Workshop: Peer Reviews: Who is evaluating the evaluators? Peer_reviews_mini-workshop.pptx
Kathy Strauss Mini-Workshop: Vision and Perspective: Unleashing your Creativity vision&perspective2014.ppt
Kathy Strauss Mini-Workshop: Innovative Product of the Year: Creative Thinking innovative_product_award.ppt
Indran Naidoo The Independent Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme Ipdet_2014_Indran.pptx
Rosalía Rodriguez-García Evaluating Complex Interventions 2014_Rodriguez-Garcia_Presentation.pptx
Sidney J. Edelmann Mini-Workshop: Developing an Evaluation Lessons Learned System #1 Edelmann_Workshop_1.pptx
Sidney J. Edelmann Mini-Workshop: Developing an Evaluation Lessons Learned System #2 Edelmann_Workshop_2.pptx
Jennifer Birch-Jones Mini-Workshop: Facilitation Skills Birch_Jones_Workshop.pdf
Anette Wenderoth & Gerry Cooney Integrating Gender into Evaluations Integrating_Gender.pptx
Heather Buchanan Considering the Evaluation Approach Heather_Buchanan.pptx
Marco Segone Looking to the Future: Partnerships for equity-focussed and gender representative evaluation Marco_Segone_equity.pptx
Patricia Rogers Evaluation in the Digital Age: What's different? What's next? Evaluation_in_Digital_Age.pptx