Speakers' Presentations 2013


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Speaker: Michael Q. Patton
Founder and Director, Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Presentation: "The One Constant in Evaluation: Politics"
July 3, 2013

Presentation Materials

Presenter(s) Topic File(s)
Rieky Stuart Evaluating Gender Equality from a Systems Perspective Stuart_Guest_Lecture.pptx
Robert D. van den Berg GEF Support to the South China Sea: A System Level Impact Evaluation van_den_Berg_Guest_Lecture.pdf
Sidney J. Edelmann Mini-Workshop: Developing an Evaluation Lessons Learned System Edelmann_Workshop.zip
Jennifer Birch-Jones Mini-Workshop: Facilitation Skills Birch_Jones_Workshop.pdf
Kathy Strauss Mini-Workshop: Vision and Perspective: Unleashing your Creativity Strauss_Workshop.zip
Robert D. van den Berg Mini-Workshop: Peer Reviews: Who is Evaluating the Evaluators? van_den_Berg_Workshop.pptx
Simon Roy and Louise Mailloux Mini-Workshop: Innovative Methods Roy_and_Mailloux_Workshop.pptx
John Mayne Really Using (Useful) Theories of Change Mayne_Guest_Lecture.pptx
Michael Bamberger Equity-Focused Evaluation: Opportunities and Challenges Bamberger_Guest_Lecture.pptx
Mathias Rickli Using Evaluation to Strengthen Results, Orientation and Reporting with a Focus on Fragile Contexts from a Donor’s Perspective Rickli_Guest_Lecture.pptx
Indran Naidoo The Independent Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme: Reflections on Contribution to Transparency, Learning and Accountability Naidoo_Guest_Lecture.pptx
Rosalía Rodriguez-García A Portfolio Approach to Evaluation: Community-Level Results on HIV and AIDS Rodriguez_Garcia_Guest_Lecture.pdf