Speakers' Presentations 2011


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Speaker: Munir Sheikh
Director General of Strategic Planning and Operations, Canadian Partnership Branch, CIDA

Presentation: "Debating the Long-Form Census"
June 22, 2011

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Speakers: Niels Dabelstein & Michael Patton

Presentation: "Meta-evaluation of the Paris Declaration"
July 4, 2011

Presentation Materials

Presenter(s) Topic File(s)
Michael Bamberger A fresh look at non-experimental evaluation designs Bamberger_Speaker.pptx
Suresh Balakrishnan Citizen Report Cards: Community Evaluations and Civic Engagement Balakrishnan_Speaker.pptx
Niels Dabelstein
Michael Patton
Meta-evaluation of the Paris Declaration Dabelstein_Speaker.pptx
Gita Gopal Understanding the Gender Dimensions of Development Gopal_Speaker.pptx
John Mayne Making Contribution Claims Mayne_Speaker.pptx
Naresh Singh Evaluations for Innovation and Social Transformation through Govt-CSO Partnerships Singh_Speaker.pptx
Indran Naidoo Prospects and Challenges in Aligning M&E Imperatives: Observations from South Africa Naidoo_Speaker.pptx
Terry Smutylo An Introduction to Outcome Mapping Smutylo_Speaker.ppt
Kathy Strauss Creative Ways to Whole Mind Thinking: Holistic Approaches for Evaluators Strauss_Speaker.pptx