Core Course (June 5 - 16)

Core Course Offers a Solid Foundation in Evaluation Principles and Their Application

IPDET’s Core Course provides participants a comprehensive overview of development monitoring and evaluation. The Core Course is made up of 14 instructional modules, which follow chapters in The Road to Results: Designing and Conducting Effective Development Evaluations, co-authored by Linda G. Morra Imas and Ray C. Rist. It is designed for those with little prior evaluation experience or training, or those seeking to refresh and update their knowledge. Special emphasis is placed on the following:

  • Understanding the development evaluation context;
  • Constructing and using theories of change;
  • Developing a results-based monitoring system;
  • Using an evaluation design matrix to plan an evaluation;
  • Consideration of the full range of designs for answering evaluation questions.

Combining lectures, classroom activities, theory, and practice, the Core Course is structured to offer daily opportunities for peer learning through small group teamwork, real-world evaluation design, mini-workshops, lunch-time roundtable discussions and guest speaker events.

Workshops (June 19 - June 30)

Workshops Offer Room to Explore and Specialize

IPDET workshops allow participants to delve into specialized topics. In the two weeks following the Core Course, participants may choose from 26 workshops on a variety of methodological and thematic topics. IPDET 2017 will feature many of the highly successful workshops and instructors from 2015, as well as some new or updated workshops. Participants can attend any combination of weeks in the program or individual workshops. The Core Course or equivalent is a prerequisite for all workshops:

  • Core Course only (2 weeks)
  • Individual workshop (2 or 3 days)
  • Either or both of the workshop weeks
  • Entire four-week program

IPDET workshops also provide an opportunity for continuous learning. After completing the Core Course in one year, participants often return in following years to attend workshops as part of their continuing professional development.