Patricia Rogers

Ms. Rogers is a Professor of Public Sector Evaluation at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the Project Director of BetterEvaluation – an international platform for sharing information about how to choose and use evaluation methods better. She completed post-doctoral research with Harvard University on interdisciplinary evaluation, and has 20+ years of experience in monitoring and evaluation in the public sector and with non-government organizations in a wide range of programs and levels of government, in Australia and internationally, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. Her work has been recognized with the AES ‘Evaluation Training and Services Award’, Caulley-Tulloch Prize for Pioneering Literature in Evaluation, and Best Evaluation Study and the American Evaluation Association’s Gunnar and Alvar Myrdal Award for Evaluation Practice. She has a particular interest in how the international community can build and share knowledge on effective evaluation practice and policy.