Instructor Biography - Mita Marra

Mita Marra is currently the President of the Italian Evaluation Association (2013). She is tenured Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration at the University of Salerno and Senior Researcher at Italian National Research Council in Naples since 2000. She has been Visiting Scholar at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration of the George Washington University (2010 - Washington DC) and at the University of Maastricht (2006 - Maastricht, NL). Her current research interests revolve around the evaluation of local development policies within Southern Europe and the reform of public sector governance in Italy. In 2010, she received a research grant by the Italian National Reseach Council and the US National Endowment for Humanities to conduct a comparative study on family support policies in Europe and in the US, reconstructing major trends in welfare transformation and their implications for policy evaluation. Mita Marra obtained the MA in International Relations in 1998 from the Johns Hopkins University and the PhD in Public Policy in 2003 from the George Washington University. Since 1998, she has consulted with the World Bank, the United Nation Economic Commission for Europe, and a number of regional governments in Italy, conducting evaluation research on training and institutional development programs as well as gender equality and welfare policies. Mita Marra is a member of the Editorial Board of the Italian review “Social Policies” and the book collection on Evaluation Studies. She is also member of Inteval - the International Evaluation Research Group, coordinated by Dr. Ray C. Rist. She has authored numerous articles and books in the areas of public sector reform and regional program evaluation. In 2011 she co-edited with Kim Forss and Robert Schwartz the book “Evaluating the Complex. Beyond Attribution and Contribution” for Transactions Publishers.

Mita will be instructing the core course as well as the following workshop(s):